September 26, 2023

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4 Insane Reasons To Have a Dog



People and dogs have lived side by side for over 15 thousand years. This is one of the unique species of animals that can live with human beings or influence human lives through their countless qualities.


The origin of the dog is actually an ancient extinct wolf species, but now the advanced or modern wolf, you can say, is the dog’s nearest living species or relative otherwise. Dogs were also becoming extinct, but many agencies, organizations, and countries rescued them on a large scale.


Dog’s species was known as the first domestic species. Their strong association with human beings had expanded their number as domestic individuals, and their ability to thrive on a starch-rich diet helped them to be domestic species.

There are many reasons for having dogs such as; intelligence, workability, loyalty, domestication, security, good friend or companion, benefit for human health, athlete and model, etc 

From the given above qualities, a few of them are discussed below.

1. Best Friend or Companion


A dog is such a lovely animal that can give you happiness as it can provide you with good company. You can spend much of your time in dog company due to their friendly and loving nature. Their care towards their companion influences human society and has given them the nickname of “Man’s best friend”;  hence people also behave very nicely with them.


2. Beneficial for Human Health

  It is very beneficial for humans to have a pet specifically a dog. According to many pieces of research, having no pet, increased the probability of deaths by 20% while having a pet decreased the likelihood of deaths by 3%.


Thousands of heart patients in Europe recovered after having a pet. Hence pets also act as therapy for suffering ones.

3. Workers or Helpers

Pets have a great sense of intelligence, especially dogs. They are quick learners. Once they are taught something, then it will be saved in their minds for a lifetime. Hence they learn things quickly and play the role of a good helper in every field of life, especially in domestic households.


They can pick, pull, and push things, and also can smell from far away. Hence performing many tasks like hunting, herding, protecting, and assisting police, the military, and many intelligence companies.

4.  Loyalty

The loyalty of a pet, especially of a dog, is quite famous for centuries. It is often said that if you want a loyal friend, you must have a dog because no one else can serve you as loyal as a dog can. Hence a lot of people worldwide have a pet or a dog as a trustworthy partner with them, and they get mental and spiritual satisfaction and calmness.


Final Verdict

In short, if you have a pet, it influences your life nicely. In this busiest or mechanical era, nobody has time neither for others nor for even himself. Pets fulfill our needs to some extent. They give you proper and good company. Help you with your domestic tasks, and also provide you with financial help, by earning money in many ways. Hence we can say that pets, like dogs, cats, birds e.t.c. have a good influence on human lives that helps them to recover from even severe diseases and provide a blissful life.