September 25, 2023

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How AI And Automation are Creeping into Every Aspect of our Life?



 What do you think about the present age, isn’t it entirely surrounded by science and technology? Technology is as penetrated into humans’ lives as a nail penetrates a wood. Today man is completely wrapped by multiple layers of technology. One of the majestical acts of technology is” Artificial Intelligence”,


Artificial intelligence (that inserts a computer, robot, or machine artificially,  just to work or act like Human beings) is going to prevail in every field of life. Therefore, the upcoming era will be known as the era of AI.




 An AI may possess human traits or characteristics like speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, etc. But in spite of all these things, AI contrasts with natural intelligence. An American computer scientist John MacCarthy was one of the founders of the discipline of AI and for the very first time, he coined the term AI in 1955.


Another term derived from AI or the derivation of AI is “Automation, in which the computer controls the devices to boost efficiency, productivity, and reliability.


But where Automation or AI smoothens the way for human beings, they are also spreading pebbles in the course of human beings. Due to their entrance into workplaces, people lose jobs and are getting unemployed as they are getting replaced by machines.


In other words, AI will push up the unemployment rate dramatically. Many scientists and professors e.g. Prof. Stephen Hawking were much worried or wondered about what would happen to human beings when AI becomes more sophisticated and smarter than us.


AI is not only entering workplaces or businesses but also in many other fields like business, transportation, medicine, domestic and daily life work, etc.


AI is playing an integral role in the field of business and according to an estimate, a big amount would be spent in this field. On the other hand, 835 executives, worked in 13 global industry sectors across the world. 84 % of the executives considered AI to be essential specifically for competitiveness.

Self Driving Vehicles

In 2016, more than 30 companies were testing self-driving vehicles having AI i.e. Apple, Google, Tesla, etc.

In Frisco, Texas etc, a pilot program was launched, in which people can hail self-driving vehicles for free. All they need is just a smartphone app. Index, an industry of Japan, ranked sixth, with a score of 1.7, in the field of Autonomous Vehicles.



AI has penetrated to a specific extent in the field of healthcare as well. For example, an MIT team has created an AI model for brain cancer treatment regimens.


The model formulates less toxic regimens that still manage to reduce tumor size. In many cases, treatment frequency changed from monthly to once or twice a year. some dosages got  50% smaller

Moreover, it also seems possible in the future that 50% of surgeries will be done by robots.


Simply put, AI is approximately 60% penetrated in man’s life. Almost every field of life is covered with the approach of AI. A lot of gadgets have surrounded men like mobile phones, computers, television, tabs, laptops, kitchen appliances, laundry items, and many more. It would not be wrong to say that in the upcoming time, man is going to be enveloped completely with technology.